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Refurbishment of IBC Containers

The cycle of IBCs begins with the delivery of a container to a customer who fills the container and forwards it to his own customer. Once the container is emptied, the customer can return the empty and intact container to Paketo Recycling. At Paketo Recycling, the container is cleaned and refurbished. After inspection, it can again be delivered to the new customer as a refurbished IBC container.


The main stages of refurbishment and recycling at Paketo Recycling are:


1. Content inspection

2. Emptying all residues

3. Removing old identifications from the container

4. Cleaning the exterior with pressure washer

5. Washing interior with high pressure steam

6. Repair or replace damaged pallets and external parts

7. Valve pressure tests

8. Checks for leaks

9. Equipping the refurbished IBC container with new identification data

10. Deliver refurbished IBC container to the customer

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