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Kunnostettuja IBC-kontteja Paketo Recycling


IBC Containers

Paketo Recycling Oy picks up IBCs from customers. At the Kellokoski factory, we clean them from the outside, wash and dry the inside, check the condition of the frame, cover and valves and, if necessary, repair them and replace the necessary parts. The containers are then identified, tested, and placed in interim storage to await delivery to the new customer.


A refurbished IBC is an inexpensive alternative for storing or transporting precious material. For export companies, it is a safe, sustainable and economical solution.


Plastic, steel and material waste collected during the refurbishment of containers is delivered to approved material and waste treatment facilities for recycling for reuse or disposal.


Our IBC containers have a long service life and a practical size, which offers efficient transport and storage as well as low filling and unloading costs. The modular packaging system increases efficiency and economy and ensures safety.


Our IBC containers optimally meet the requirements of the chemical industry. They represent uncompromising quality and thus also ensure the safe transport of liquid substances. IBCs are designed to be recyclable and are therefore environmentally friendly to refurbish.


The modular design allows for easy interchangeability of plastic and metal parts. When the containers arrive at Paketo Recycling Oy after use, they are unloaded, cleaned and delivered for recycling or energy production. Recycled plastic can be used to make pallets for container pallets.


Our IBC containers take up 35% less space than the equivalent number of barrels. The cubic shape also saves on manufacturing materials, which means cost savings there as well.


The shape of the containers follows ISO standards, which in turn facilitates their handling during transport and storage. The containers can be stacked on top of each other and can be moved by all normal conveyors and forklifts.


Container sizes 600 l, 800 l and 1000 l.


Container pallets can be:

• steel pallet

• plastic pallet

• composite pallet

• wooden pallet

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