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Paketo Recycling Oy provides its customers with packaging solutions in accordance with international standards suitable for the storage, transport and circulation of printing inks, foodstuffs or hazardous substances - POY containers, refurbished IBC containers and barrels.


Paketo Recycling Oy's customers are paint factories, ink manufacturers, pharmaceutical factories, the food and beverage industry and other users of packaging and transport containers in the chemical industry.


The new, virgin plastic and steel containers are quality-tested and approved by the authorities. All substances have their own UN-classified packaging materials. The rating ensures that the materials can be transported safely directly to customers.

Paketo Recycling Oy is also responsible for recycling the packaging it sells, either for reuse, material recycling or energy production. After use, the packaging is picked up by Paketo Recycling Oy, which repairs it and delivers it for reuse. Barrels and IBCs that can no longer be refurbished for reuse are cleaned and sent for recycling.


Steel barrels that cannot be refurbished go pressed to smelt and reuse as a metal raw material. Disused plastic drums are also re-used when properly cleaned. Plastic, which cannot be utilized as a recycled material, goes into energy production.


Paketo Recycling Oy's Kellokoski plant's operating processes and chemical handling methods have been inspected and approved by environmental authorities. All returned containers can be guaranteed individual handling.

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