Schütz-kontteja Paketo Recycling varastossa

Schütz Ticket Service

The Schütz Group is the world's leading supplier of large-scale industrial packaging systems. The production and development units are located in Europe, Asia and the Americas, employing more than 2,000 people. The common goal of all is to ensure the safe and efficient transport of precious materials.


We offer a complete range of packaging and transport containers for liquids, solids and thick liquids. Different materials and conditions require different solutions - to solve them, our own experts consult our customers to find the right alternatives. If necessary, we manufacture customized products for special purposes.


Extreme flexibility and reliability are the cornerstones of our production and sales.


Transport of dangerous goods - safety and security


Together with our customers, we want to ensure the safe transport of hazardous chemicals and substances from the pharmaceutical and food industries. Uncompromising quality and complete reliability guarantee maximum packaging safety.


Environmental friendliness involved in everything


In addition to the environmentally friendly production of tanks and containers, the Schütz Ticket Service contributes significantly to the area of ​​depleting natural resources and nature conservation. A good recycling and reuse system makes it significantly easier to achieve ecological balance. Through our research and development activities, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our ecological performance with even lower consumption of materials.


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